The Flag Decreasing Rite at Wagah Border


It is going with out pronouncing that one of the crucial very best portions of trip is the peculiar traditions and ceremonies you come across to your trail. This submit from Prasad, on his weblog desitraveller, highlights a type of such ceremonies.

A display of pomp and bravery

“Someplace between Amritsar in India and Lahore in Pakistan is Wagah Border between the 2 neighbouring nations.

On a daily basis 1000’s of holiday makers watch the joint flag reducing rite at the Wagah Border. Whilst the stadium at the Indian facet is stuffed to capability, only a few other folks come to the Pakistani facet.

Pakistani Rangers at Joint Check Post Wagah Border

Every facet tries to outdo each and every different in a march, showcasing who can snap heels more difficult at the floor, whilst guests shout patriotic slogans to cheer up the warriors and photographers attempt to catch the fast-moving motion.

If you’re in Amritsar India or Lahore Pakistan I counsel you are making this travel to Wagah to look at a flag reducing rite that has no parallel any place.”

I extremely counsel this submit, it is going above and past simply telling you the right way to get there and why you will have to move. It explores the historical past of the rite or even John Lennon’s involvement. It’s going to be one of the crucial most sensible weblog posts you learn lately.

BSF and Pakistani soldiers at the flag lowering ceremony

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